Student Services

Congratulations, Student Midwife! You’ve been accepted and are enrolled at Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery, and not just anyone can say that. You’re special. We’ve brought together the best faculty and preceptors, and the most up-to-date curricula, all for you. We’re proud of the program and facilities, but believe it or not, we’re proud of YOU. You are the reason we’ve done this, and you’re the future of our beloved profession. We’re excited about improving your educational experience, and excited about developing the best experience possible for parents to bring their healthy babies into the world and give them a great start.


Mentoring: Instructors provide students with didactic and clinical education and are available to answer students’ questions. Generally the faculty member who has been instructing the class during a specific module will also be the one responsible for answering any inquiries regarding that module. Instructors will discuss with the students their availability for mentoring by telephone or email. Students have access to instructors via email and computer-based discussion.

Student Group: Nizhoni students created a Student Group whose purpose is to facilitate and reinforce academic knowledge and clinical skills among the students of the Nizhoni community. Student Group is a significant source of encouragement and valuable feedback and assists newer students in adjusting to the demands of study and the midwifery lifestyle. It also provides an opportunity for students to exercise leadership and to serve and give back to their midwifery communities.

Academic Counseling: Students who demonstrate academic or clinical performance deficiencies are given specific guidelines for improvement. Academic counseling is provided by the Executive Directors. Assessment of student progress is based on student attendance and participation, examination and project performance, and feedback from the clinical preceptors.

Student Representation: A Student Representative is selected from the student body to represent the student body and to communicate ideas and concerns to the Board of Trustees. The Student Representative is a midwifery leader who represents the Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery in local, state and national student midwifery organizations.

Learning Resource Center: The Learning Resource Center (LRC) serves as a bridge between academic instruction and midwifery students’ clinical preceptorship rotations. Students utilize the resources of the LRC for individual and group study sessions, clinical simulations, and personal and group research projects.

Accommodation for Students with Disabilities: Nizhoni will make every reasonable effort to accommodate students with physical and learning disabilities. Students with disabilities must be able to perform the cognitive and physical skills for entry-level midwives as outlined by the MANA Core Competencies and NARM Skills Requirements.

Placement Services: Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery does not offer job placement services. However, the Program Manager will assist students regarding employment options and known job opportunities following graduation. Students receive notification and contact information regarding employment opportunities for practicing midwives and, in conjunction with their midwifery business class, receive instruction and guidance regarding interview preparation and development of a curriculum vita. Students should discuss state licensing requirements with the Program Manager.


PLEASE NOTE: Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery will be closing at the end of the 2022 school year, and will no longer be accepting applications. Aspiring Midwifery Students are encouraged to visit the MEAC website and view the list of currently accredited programs in the United States.

Its been a pleasure teaching all of our wonderful students over the years, and we wish you all the best on your midwifery journeys.
~ The Nizhoni Team