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Our Mission & Vision Statements

Vision Statement

Nizhoni is a Navajo word which conveys the spirit and practice of “the beauty way” as experienced and expressed through living in balance and harmony with the world. As midwives and students, we seek that balance as we honor both our valued birthing traditions and contemporary midwifery and medical knowledge. Graduates of the Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery are prepared to function as independent care providers for women and newborns. As midwives, we bring harmony and balance to childbearing and assist each woman to discover the transformative nature and experience of giving birth. As an institution providing midwifery education, we create and foster a strong commitment to excellence in midwifery care and practice in any given place or circumstance, encouraging midwives and those we serve to embrace and exemplify “The Beauty Way.”

Mission Statement

As our commitment to improving outcomes in birth and health care in the United States and throughout the world, Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery is dedicated to providing current, relevant, and clinically robust education in the art and science of midwifery.