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Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery is a very unique Midwifery training program. Our small, close-knit community offers on-site, in-person education in a warm, supportive environment. Located in beautiful San Diego, Nizhoni is an accredited three-year school that prepares its graduates for a rewarding career as a Licensed Midwife (LM) and Certifed Professional Midwife (CPM).

If you’re just in the beginning stages of researching what this journey to become a Midwife would look like for you, we want to welcome you and let you know that you are in the right place! We are here to help you make the best decision. There are many things to consider when choosing a midwifery program! One is, where do you see yourself practicing midwifery? Do you feel called to assist with births in a setting outside of a hospital, such as the family’s home or a freestanding birth center? If so, becoming a Licensed Midwife / Certified Professional Midwife may be the right path for you. If you feel more drawn to serve birthing folks within a hospital, becoming a CNM, or Certified Nurse Midwife may be a more appropriate path.

Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery trains Midwives who will practice outside of a hospital. Licensed Midwives provide their clients with high-quality, personalized prenatal care (care during the pregnancy), intrapartum care (care during the birth), and postpartum care (care after the birth). Midwives work intimately with the families they serve, forming a nurturing, supportive, and professional relationship with their clients.

Nizhoni’s unique program consists of 38, one-month-long training modules in which students deeply explore all the relevant didactic/academic learning. We try to keep cohorts sizes small enough to feel intimate and supportive, but large enough for sharing, learning, and forming a close-knit community.

Classes meet one full-day each week- either a Thursday or Friday- a day of the week that will remain the same for the duration of the program. This schedule allows ample time for the student to participate in the midwifery preceptorship, or clinical rotation portion of the program. During preceptorship, sometimes called apprenticeship, Midwifery students work alongside an established midwife. The student’s preceptor takes responsibility for much of the clinical learning experiences – first as an observer, then as an assistant, then finally, when they are ready, in the role of primary under supervision. This process will last approximately 3 years.

We understand that this path likely feels exciting, overwhelming, and maybe even a bit scary. Just know that, like birth, this too is a process. Good things take time, and the journey can be as wonderful as the end result! We are here to answer your questions, and you are encouraged to explore our website and read the information available to you. If you find you still have questions, let us know by sending us an email through our contact form. FAQ’s or contact us today.

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Do you hear that quickened heartbeat? It’s probably you, excited about this moment being the beginning of your new life.

“I’m proud to know that, as a midwife, I’ve had a positive impact on the families I’ve worked with.”

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PLEASE NOTE: Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery will be closing at the end of the 2022 school year, and will no longer be accepting applications. Aspiring Midwifery Students are encouraged to visit the MEAC website and view the list of currently accredited programs in the United States.

Its been a pleasure teaching all of our wonderful students over the years, and we wish you all the best on your midwifery journeys.
~ The Nizhoni Team