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Welcome to the Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery!


We are excited to help bring you into an ancient yet modern and honorable profession committed to providing the highest quality of care to birthing people and newborns.

The Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery is an accredited three-year school that will prepare you for a career as a Licensed Midwife who will promote maternal, infant and family health in the community you serve.

You’re here because the miracles of gestation and birth and the birthing person and baby connection appeal to you. You have a passion to assist parents and their families through one of the most amazing journeys of their lives. You want to make the world a better place, one family at a time. Supporting a person’s health and emotions through pregnancy and the intimacy of labor, handing them a healthy baby, and settling the new family is something you’ve dreamed of.

Perhaps you’ve watched television programs or read books about midwife experiences. And now you’re taking the first steps to making that your reality.

In Nizhoni’s 38, one-month long training modules, you’ll lay the stones of a foundation and indeed a tower of knowledge and skills that will give you entrance to a team of people intent on the practice of holistic health, compassionate care, family dynamics, medical techniques, health assessment, and primary care of birthing people and newborns. Classes on business and midwifery law prepare you for your own career.

Your education will commence in beautiful San Diego, California, near countless recreational sites, and a melting pot of diverse culture and economic strata. In other words, real life.

Within our website, you’ll find entrance requirements, an overview of the coursework and practicum, and discover why we have the best faculty and learning environment for you. For more information check our FAQ’s or contact us today.

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Do you hear that quickened heartbeat? It’s probably you, excited about this moment being the beginning of your new life.

“I’m proud to know that, as a midwife, I’ve had a positive impact on the families I’ve worked with.”

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